My organization has an event planner on staff, why should we hire you?

I was once an in-house planner. I know how hectic planning an event can get for a staff person that is also balancing other year-round duties. My goal is not to replace your staff event planner, but rather to help pick up the details that so often get staffers bogged down. Because I work on events all year long, I have my finger on the pulse of trends in the event world. I see organizations attack the same problems from different angles over and over and can help you hone in on best practices for your event.

Some organizations rely on volunteer committees to do the bulk of the auction planning. Volunteers are great but sometimes need a little guidance or help with administrative duties. I can do that. I want you to focus on getting the right bidders in the room, securing fantastic auction items, and crafting the message for your event. If I’m doing my job right, you’ll be focused on those items instead of getting lost in the weeds.


Can you help procure auction items?

I wish I could. Unfortunately if I pulled in favors for everyone that asked, I wouldn’t have any favors left. What I can do is help you brainstorm items and identify connections that you already have. I can help you write request letters and coach your team in the art of making the ask. Ultimately, I think any non-profit is best served when they can build sustainable relationships. You want to be in control of the relationships you have with your donors instead of farming them out to an external consultant.


What are your rates?

Rates vary depending on your needs and how early we start working together. After we’ve discussed a scope of work and come to an agreement, I’ll quote you a flat fee for service. If we're working together for longer than 30 days, I request a 25% deposit to begin work and the remaining balance will be split into payments across the length of our contract. 


Do you have discounts for non-profits?

I work almost exclusively with non-profits and scale my rates accordingly.


Can you supply the staff we need for our event?

How much staff do you need? One of the ways I keep my overhead low, which means lower rates for you, is by not employing any full time staff. For the type of work that I do, I find that most organizations have volunteers and staff members that can fill out positions needed at an event with limited training in advance or on event day. I do have a team that I work with regularly that is fully trained on Greater Giving. If you decide that you want to hire all the people you need to staff your registration and check-out desk, I can make that happen.


Do you plan other types of events?

Yes, so glad you asked. Most of my work is with non-profits on their annual fundraising galas, but I do occasionally work on other types of events for non-profits and on corporate events. I have worked with non-profits on a range of donor events to help fill gaps when they have been short staffed. I’ve worked with corporate teams where there were a lot of moving parts and they needed someone to act as a project manager to keep all of the elements on track. I have strong project management and organizational skills and sometimes that’s all you need to make your event a success. I don't plan weddings, but I can make you some excellent referrals. 


Do you do full scale event planning & design?

Nope. I’m more of an execution person than a creative type when it comes to event design. If someone else has a creative vision, I can take a vision and break it down into small parts and figure out a plan to make it all happen. Rather than try to compete against all of the other full service event planners in the Bay Area, I focus my work on what I do best-auction management and consulting, and general project management. If you need an event designer or full scale production assistance I’d be happy to recommend some very creative firms that I work with on a regular basis.