The addition of any technology to your auction process can be nerve wracking. Qualified event night coordination for all Greater Giving products—Go Time, Event Software PC, and Mobile Bidding—lets you breathe easy knowing that your auction will function seamlessly from start to finish. 

  • Pre-event review of training resources and timelines
  • Set up of registration laptops or computers
  • Auctionpay card reader testing and connection
  • Technical support for all Greater Giving products
  • Event night training for registration volunteers and staff
  • Service as a central point of contact for mobile bidding questions, troubleshooting, and training
  • Verification of leaderboard and event text messaging
  • Mobile bidding registration process and administrative portal management
  • Silent auction area management during the event
  • Printing of event reports
  • Equipment rentals (laptops, tablets, printers, mobile hotspots) and registration staff supplied as needed