A more comprehensive approach for more complex events or where you simply need someone to focus on the logistics required to bring all of your planning efforts together flawlessly. Tasks will be tailored to the needs of your event, but can include any or all of the following:

  • Discovery meeting with key staff to determine general timeline, deadlines, goal setting, define roles
  • Attendance at regularly scheduled committee meetings to monitor progress of the event
  • Creation of overall event timeline identifying milestones and key decision points
  • Budget management assistance
  • Housing management (contracts, room blocks, amenities)
  • Transportation management (valet, charters, parking permits)
  • RSVP management
  • Venue walk throughs with key staff and vendors to discuss event flow
  • Development of comprehensive show flow document from load-in to load-out
  • Work with committee and selected vendors to ensure cohesive décor design
  • Venue management
  • F&B Management (coordinate tasting and menu selection, confirm service timing, liaise with banquet captain on-site)
  • Production management (secure and coordinate AV, generate floor plans, supervise load-in, set-up, and strike)
  • Post-event meeting with key staff to debrief and recommend follow-up activities to help grow and build future events