Elevate Conference in Portland, OR

Data Management & the Donor Experience

The way that nonprofit organizations manage data has changed drastically in the last 15 years. A key feature of all this change? Technology. However, even with the most advanced of technology, you still need to manage your donor data to ensure the highest quality of donor experiences.

Tactical data management helps facilitate a smooth event night check-in, check-out, and post-event follow up process. Data review can even help you identify your top performing revenue enhancers, auction packages, and plan to raise more revenue the following year.

Attend the conference in Portland, June 21-22, 2018

On-Demand Videos

Sell The Cause, Not the Party

Your fundraising auction event should be a great party that keeps guests buzzing and anxious to return next year, but not at the expense of losing the message of your cause. This Facebook Live video recorded at the AFP 2017 Annual Conference discusses ways to build the message of who your organization is and why support is important into every piece of your event, from the save the date announcement to the end of event night, in ways that enhance the décor and party atmosphere so you get the best of both worlds. A fabulous event with your cause front and center.

Revenue Enhancers: Beyond the Raffle

Raffles and revenue enhancers. What are they? Why should we do them? How can we make them interesting? This Facebook Live video recorded at the AFP 2017 Annual Conference covers a variety of ways to conduct a raffle or similar activity at your next fundraising auction with raffles and revenue enhancers that can be held during the reception, the live auction, and even post-event.

Marketing Your Auction Items

Your auction is a centerpiece to your fundraising event and you want your guests to be excited to shop to support your cause. With all the messages we receive each day, breaking through the clutter can be a challenge. This webinar is designed to give you tips & ideas for how to create great auction content and how to market it to your bidders at every step of the event process.

This webinar covers:

  • Ideas for packaging donations into lots designed to sell
  • Writing auction descriptions adaptable to multiple formats
  • Pre-event marketing campaigns for email & social media
  • How to create compelling – and complimentary! – print & digital collateral
  • Display ideas to showcase items in your event space

Click here to view the webinar on the Greater Giving website.